Some suggested implementation strategies of the online learning resource [DOC, 36kb]

Resource Advisory [DOC, 26kb]

PIM Resources [DOC, 29kb]

DM Memo to boards (March 10, 2011) [DOC, 101kb]

Introduction and Conclusion Section Resources

Guidelines for the Stage of Implementation Self-Assessment Activity

PDF 113kb | Word 376kb* 

PIM Program Self-Assessment Activity

PDF 191kb | Word 437kb* 

Privacy Awareness Checklist

PDF 199kb | Word 484kb* 

Privacy Standard Assessment Activity

PDF 152kb | Word 432kb* 

Legal Framework Section Resources

Privacy Standard

PDF 378kb | Word 496kb* 

Record and Information Management Framework for Ontario School Boards/Authorities

PDF 222kb | Word 426kb* 

Privacy Breach Section Resources

Guidelines to Developing Privacy Notification Statements

PDF 253kb | Word 875kb* 

Privacy Breach Protocol

PDF 193kb | Word 812kb* 

Appendix A: Responding to a Suspected Privacy Breach

PDF 40kb 

Appendix B: FOI Coordinator Privacy Breach Checklist

PDF 124kb | Word 444kb* 

Access to Information Section Resources

Guidelines for Using the Access Matrix

PDF 308kb | Word 786kb* 

Guidelines to Consider when Drafting Privacy Policies

PDF 127kb | Word 752kb* 

Privacy Policy Template

PDF 156kb | Word 407kb* 

When and When not to Disclose Section Resources

Guidelines to Consider when Drafting Privacy Policies

PDF 127kb | Word 752kb* 

Guidelines for Identifying and Managing Confidential Information

PDF 177kb | Word 1.1MBkb* 

Privacy Expectations at School Section Resources

Guidelines for Password Procedures

PDF 142kb | Word 801kb* 

Guidelines for Securing Mobile Devices

PDF 167kb | Word 800kb* 

Guidelines for Working Outside the Office or School

PDF 140kb | Word 794kb* 

Video Surveillance Guidelines

PDF 194kb | Word 872kb* 

Guidelines for Sharing Information Section Resources

Guidelines for Cross-Panel Sharing of Student Information

PDF 195kb | Word 1.1MB* 


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